Our Goals

The primary goal of the Asian Stroke Summer School 2022 on the interdisciplinary treatment for acute stroke is to link young stroke physicians with young neurointerventionists in order to enhance interdisciplinary management of patients with acute ischemic stroke. The school will be offering a series of high-quality teaching sessions and courses on acute stroke management to facilitate the participants in building a stroke treatment network in their respective regions. They will be equipped with the knowledge of the critical factors in the successful optimization of the in-hospital workflow and the selection of patients who are candidates for revascularization, both endovascular therapy and intravenous thrombolysis.

The aim of the summer school teaching course is to aid stroke physicians and neuro interventionists to work as a team in order to enhance the interdisciplinary management of stroke patients.

The school will provide hands-on training for neuro interventionists and special teaching sessions for stroke physicians. A unique combination of plenary sessions, complex cases discussion, group tutorials followed by a series of high-quality courses on selected stroke medicine topics will be conducted to foster advances in the knowledge and management of this interdisciplinary field.